BluFish Sushi Bistro

Vernon Hills, IL
$15-$45+ per Person

I believe that sushi is one of those foods that could be hit or miss depending on the person. Me personally, I love sushi. I would eat this delicious item every day if I had the choice. Other than that Sushi is a low calorie great meal option morning, noon, or night, given its availability in major western countries, it is a great way to spend some time with friends or a special someone enjoying a delicious meal.

The Location/Atmosphere

BluFish Sushi Bistro currently operates three locations throughout the northern suburbs of Chicago in Vernon Hills, Glenview, and Park Ridge. The restaurant that I visited was the Vernon Hills location which opened during the winter of 2015. It is located adjacent to the Dick’s Sporting Goods and across the street from Hawthorn Mall. The first thing I noticed upon arrival was the elegant ambiance of the restaurant. BluFish offers traditional seating at a table as well as counter space with the sushi chefs or at the fully stocked bar.

The Food

The menu has expanded greatly over the years with the restaurant gaining a strong local following. BluFish offers an extensive menu filled of traditional Japanese dishes and appetizers as well as various signature rolls and sashimi. This location does feature omakase,which is an tasting course based on the Chefs recommendation, with could be paired with an optional sake or wine tasting.

Absolutely a must have appetizer: Takoyaki. Flour battered octopus cooked in a ball shape, topped with japanese mayo, sweet soy sauce , nori powder. Definitely a great way to start off your meal at BluFish.


For the main course, I decided to go with a string of my favorite Maki rolls: Soft Shell Crab,  Shrimp Tempura and Freshwater Eel and Cucumber.  All sushi dishes come with a decorative flower design made of apples which is nice to munch on after you have enjoyed your sushi.

Soft Shell Crab, Shrimp Tempera, Freshwater Eel and Cucumber

All in all, this is a great place to visit if you are around the northern suburbs of Chicago and are looking for a good place to try some sushi. I would definitely recommend going during their Happy Hour (Generally the first hour of their dinner service on weekdays). Signature appetizers and sushi plates would be offered at half price which is an amazing offer to consider.

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